Hajj Essentials Box “Hajj Sirat” - Men

Dhs. 555 Dhs. 650

Embark on your Hajj journey with our Essentials Box for Men. Featuring carefully selected items embodying quality and tradition, including an Ihram for comfort, a Kufi for humility, a foldable prayer mat for convenience, and a tasbeeh for spiritual focus.

Our musafir backpack ensures practicality, while a foldable water bottle provides hydration with the blessed Zamzam water. Find guidance in the Holy Quran and our exclusive Hajj Guide cards. Plus, maintain oral hygiene with a siwak.

 Included in the box:

  • Ihram 1200gsm
  • Belt
  • Kufi 
  • The Holy Quran
  • Pocket prayer mat
  • Tasbeeh
  • Travel backpack
  • Silicon foldable bottle
  • Siwak 
  • Hajj Guide

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