Matchi Matchi Jilbab - Ice Queen Blue

Dhs. 450

A meaningful present that will last long.

A stylish and contemporary prayer dress, designed to suit the Salah performance with ease and elegance for both mother and daughter.

Made of Korean Harir Mansour fabric, the silky velvet effect, has a cooling effect, non wrinkling, can be wash in machine up to 40 degrees. The French Jilbab is suiting all head size, adjust the flat lace embracing the forehead then tie it at the back of the head. There is two ways of wearing it, over or under the fabric covering the head.

Frowns elastic wristbands allows mother and daughter to perform Wudhu with ease.

Color:  Iced queen blue

1 piece adult Jilbab dress and 2 pieces mini Jilbab top and skirt.

Fabric: Korean Harir Mansour

Designed and Tailored in Dubai UAE

Machine wash 30°

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