Salah in Baladin Ameen

Dhs. 130 Dhs. 200

Innovative and sophisticated textile, very resistant, this ultra modern sajadah fits in your handbag or in a kandora pocket so you can offer the Salat right on time anywhere you are. Designed and tailored in Dubai, it has been thought to bring comfort at the time of prayer to make it accessible on any occasion, while you travel, at work, at the masjid, outdoor (grass, sand). Each design is representing an Islamic scenery, always symmetrical and balanced to maintain focus.

Product detail

  • Size : 110 cm / 60 cm
  • Pouch included : 24 cm/13 cm
  • Material: 100% Polyester woven fabric
  • Instruction care: Wash with wet sponge and mild soap, or non alcoholic sanitizer.

Note : Quran moon lamp not included.

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