our story

Dubai, April 2018, I went to the masjid for Jum'aah with my mother in law and I saw this sister unwinding a piece of silk from her bag, I loved the idea of feeling comfortable to pray anywhere, on time, with sajadah that was weightless and could be washed easily, the idea was seeded, and continued to grow as I was traveling a lot, very soon never without my pocket sajadah.

After that I started to research the most convenient fabrics and material, combining minimalism and creativity .

The choice we make to live upon the commandment of Allah SWT is a daily trial, and to propose some tools linked to worshipping him became an evidence.

A modern pocket sajadah,for a modest life, full of firmness in the remembrance of Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala.

Founded and based in Dubai, The modest company takes inspiration from Islamic values and iconic places.

Aicha Assraoui

Aicha Assraoui